Malaysia Passport Renewal for Children below 13 in Singapore (Updated April 2022)

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Since I just did my kid’s Malaysia passport renewal recently, I thought I’d share the latest updates in case you need it too. We hardly get any updates and useful information from the High Comm’s website. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

If you are looking to renew your passport as an adult, my recommendation today is to do the complete renewal online, you would get your appointment a lot faster from what I understand.

For now… you need to get an appointment for your Malaysia passport renewal!

As of April 2022, the Malaysia High Commission still requires you to have an appointment in order to enter its premises for your Malaysia passport renewal. Here’s what they have posted on their website.

Malaysia passport renewal process posted by the High Comm

You can do that by the following options: –

1. Apply online

You can apply for an appointment at this URL ( However, it is really hard to get a slot. Most of the time, it takes many tries to check everyday to find a slot you can apply for. If you see all the dates in the calendar greyed out, that means there are no available slots.

Getting an appointment for Malaysia Passport Renewal

2. Use the dropbox option at the High Comm

The guard post at the High Commission will provide you with a form to fill up and drop in the box at there. You will need to provide the necessary information: –

  • Name
  • Malaysia IC / or for children below 13, their Birth Cert or Borang W’s number
  • Email Address
  • Singapore contact number

You will get your appointment via Email or WhatsApp as mentioned.

Best time to get to the High Commission of Malaysia

The Immigration Department starts operations at 8 am. We got there about 7:45am and there was already a queue. But thankfully, it was not as crazy as during the peak of Covid.

Queueing outside the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore

At that position, we were at about 26th in the queue and it still took about 2 hours before we complete the whole process. So my advise is to try to come early if you need to be done before 10am. Otherwise, you can try to come in later (10:30-ish) and be at the tail end of the queue, and hopefully by then, most of the ones waiting is already done by then.

What you need to bring to renew your under 13 child’s passport

I still see a lot of confusion when I was there as to what is required and a lot ended up needing to spend $0.50 to photostat their documents at the High Comm. It’s much cheaper to just print the document copies at home yourself!

Documents to bring for passport renewal in Singapore

Checklist of documents to bring (both the original AND one copy!)

  • The appointment email or online confirmation printout (this one you don’t need a copy)
  • Child’s Current Passport
  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Child’s Borang W (If the child has a Singapore Birth Certificate)
  • Child’s DP card -OR- Child’s Singapore Re-Entry Permit (for the re-entry permit, you can just give them your copy, don’t need to photostat it since it would be outdated after you get the new passport)
  • Parent’s Malaysian IC (if non-Malaysian parent, SG NRIC AND Passport)
  • Parent’s EP card -OR- SG NRIC if PR

Remember, print or photostat a copy of all the documents above!

You DON’T need to bring photographs. They will take a photo during the application process.

Lastly, bring an exact amount of SG$32 in cash for the payment. This is updated as of April 2022 for the children’s passport renewal rate. But I would also advice to bring extra $2-3 change just in case the rates change!

The Malaysia passport renewal process

As long as you have the documents, the rest of the process is rather straight forward.

At the guard post, they will check for your appointment and give you a form to fill in some details like the name of the applicant, address, phone and email. It would also include the list of documents you need, as I’ve noted above. You will head straight to counter 10 to get the documents checked and to get a queue number.

After that, it’s just waiting till your queue number get called. Once called, head to the appropriate counter where they will again asked for all the documents, and get the photo and thumbprint taken. Tip: If you don’t want your child to have to wear the adult jacket provided there, get him or her to dress in relatively formal dark-coloured top, like a shirt.

When done, they will ask for the payment in cash and provide you with the collection date and slip.

Collecting the new passport

At the moment, it is back to a next-day collection time! Meaning, you will be able to pick up the passport from 2-3:30pm the next day. Now this is important to remember, since the high comm is strictly by appointment, it’s best that you also reserve your next afternoon free to go with your child to collect the passport.

Remember to bring along the collection slip AND all the original documents. They would generally just need the parent’s ID but bring ALL the documents, just in case.

Queueing at the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore

I advice heading to the High Comm early. We got there at exactly 2pm and it still took about an hour to collect the passport. You will be ushered immediately to the queue for counter as stated on your collection slip. You can see in the photo above, at 2pm we are already about 20-30 people behind.

That’s it. Hopefully this helps make your child’s passport renewal process less stressful!

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