A newbie’s guide to OS X: 10 must have software to install

Ken Ng

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  1. November 4, 2012

    […] Twitter Parallels Desktop 8 vs VMWare Fusion 5: The usability & comparison reportWith the recent release of both Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac and VMware Fusion 5, it's time again to compare the two popular virtualization solutions for Mac and see which suits you better and if an upgrade from the previous versions worth considering. How to access your files anywhere with SugarSyncEver felt that even having a tablet, you still could never leave your notebook behind because you always have 'that' file that you might need. Well, here's how SugarSync, a cloud storage solution, can help you leave that notebook behind for good. 3+1 Reasons why Parallels 7 wins VS VMWare Fusion!Just got that nice MacBook Air with the roaring Lion, then figured out that you need to run some Windows apps still? Fret not, here's how you can do just that and between the usual choice of Parallels vs VMWare, why I'd recommend you to put your money on Parallels instead. Keep your MacBook alive with an SSD upgradeIf you really want a fast and responsive machine, instead of buying a new system, consider upgrading with an SSD storage. You will be surprise how responsive your MacBook can be just by using an SSD! Recommended kids apps for the iPad, approved by my kidsHave an iPad and am wondering what apps you can download for your kids? With literally thousands of apps in the App Store, that task can be pretty daunting! So here's is a list of apps that I've come to discover and has my kids' stamp of approval (that they thoroughly enjoy that is)! Hopefully it would help you find the apps that your kids would enjoy too. A newbie’s guide to OS X: 10 must have software to installJust switched over from Windows to the Mac OS X platform? Welcome on-board the best operating system in the world! But it can definitely be much better too! Here's a quick guide of what I'd consider as essential softwares to have on your brand new Mac. « A newbie’s guide to OS X: 10 must have software to install […]

  2. December 30, 2013

    […] my thoughts and reasoning why these apps are on my must-have list. I’ve previously written a similar article before but decided that it’s about time I updated that article with a list that’s more […]

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