Buy Maxis Hotlink 365 validity when you’re out of Malaysia (2023)

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  1. Brian says:

    I believe you can get to the normal *100# menu from anywhere in the world. I can do so from any country. First enter *100# and then select Option 6 to get the ‘normal’ version of it that you’d get in MY.

  2. Ken Ng says:

    I’ve tried all the options available when you’re in Singapore and I cannot get to the normal options. Otherwise, I’ve not bothered to head over to Woodlands 😄

  3. vijian says:

    I am in Brunei and have the same problem. Unable to get the normal options with *100#. Waiting for the weekend to drive to the border where I might get Maxis coverage. Unable to cross border due to COVID. Its’ a pity those staying in Australia, NZ etc will be unable to extend the 365 validity. Maxis should look into this problem.

  4. Ken Ng says:

    I’m glad you can still get to a border! Agree with you that Maxis really needs to provide a way to access the Malaysia’s menu.

  5. Allen says:

    Hi, I’m been told by customer service that is no more 365 plan, is it true?

  6. Ken Ng says:

    This is somewhat true. All the current plans does not have the ability to add on a 365 validity. However, I believe some had been able to be “downgraded” to the old Bagus plan which does have this on a case by case basis. Mostly because of the argument that we are living outside of Malaysia and still need to maintain a Malaysian mobile number. So do try to call the customer service rep and see if they can do that for you too.

  7. Allen says:

    Hi, for just residing overseas, can do it by just press *100#, then 01 to next menu, then press 8 send to *100# again to get Malaysia menu, then 01 again for next menu, then press 6 for My Account and Others, then press 2 for validity 365 purchase. Just FYI for those who need help.

  8. Ken Ng says:

    Interesting. Let me try and see it if works for me.

  9. Ken Ng says:

    Gosh! How did I not know about that. It works! Thanks for sharing. I will update my article soon!

  10. Gia says:

    “I believe you can get to the normal *100# menu from anywhere in the world. I can do so from any country. First enter *100# and then select Option 6 to get the ‘normal’ version of it that you’d get in MY.”

    Yes, i did this and i’m in Paris. I’ve successfully renewed my phone till next year. Thank you to this website!

  11. Gia says:

    Oh, but somehow I had to pay RM60 for mine though. I remember paying the same amount last year too. Not sure why I’m not charged RM33 instead :/

  12. Ken Ng says:

    I think the options changes a little depending on which country you are roaming at. I realise now that the right option to go back to the Malaysia menu is shown at “*100#” which is so confusing!!! 😄 will update the article again soon.

  13. Ken Ng says:

    Yikes. Does it show up as RM60 to renew in the menu?

  14. Arijit says:

    *365# but it’s cost me RM60

  15. Ken Ng says:

    Perhaps this is due to legacy pricing. When you first got your 365 validity, was it already at RM60? I remembered that for me, I got it when it was still going for RM33.

  16. victory015 says:

    Try *365# to enable 365 validity,it cost rm 60.

  17. Titus Tan says:

    Thanks you for the update in your blog and tips from Allen. Really a huge help as I also cannot find the Maxis menu until I press the hidden and magic “8”. This saves my day!

  18. Ken Ng says:

    Glad you got it working too!

  19. Tan WS says:

    Hi Ken & everyone here. Is roaming no longer available for 365 now? I m currently staying in Sgp. The last time I was able to connect to my M’sian mobile number using Hotlink’s 365 service was only 2 months ago in March, then last week, I turned on my phone again & was unable to get any connection since. It’s not my mobile phone issue as it is 4G compliant. Thanks & appreciate all your sharing & advise here.

  20. Cfy says:

    Thank alot for the information. Really save my day too.

  21. Ken Ng says:

    That’s weird. I just tested with my own. I can still get connected to the Singtel network.

  22. H L says:

    @Tan WS …….. either your roaming function is turned OFF or your 365Validity since expired …. in reality you can (also) “re-activate” an expired 365Validity …. provided you have sufficient credit in your account (and using the *505# .. to activate Account Inactive” menu and buy a “1 Day Pass” as a first-step ….. before proceeding to activate / extend your 365Validity (that will commence from that day). Good luck

  23. Qiang says:

    *365# it really work! RM60 for 365days!
    Thanks for sharing this information!
    I managed to get it even I’m in Dominican Republic.

  24. Kai says:

    I could not find the menu in *100# to buy validity after multiple attempts. I nearly gave up until I saw H L comment above. So I tried *505# to reactivate my account which was inactive. Without pre-notification, RM1 was deducted from my balance credit. Then I received SMS from Hotlink to inform me that my account validity was extended for 1 day. I went back to *100# again and this time I was able to get to the option to buy validity for 365 days with RM33. Thanks for this blog and H L for the tips !

  25. H L says:

    If your (365Validity) account is still valid (ie NOT expired) or you have re-activated your account via *505# but you still could NOT get/find Option 6 : “MyAccount & Others” within the *100# Menu despite toggling “01 : to Next Page” multiple time, may I suggest you take a pause/break and proceed with steps outlined below ie

    Since you are outside Malaysia ie overseas, your mobile phone could be connected to a roaming-partner of Maxis-Hotlink in that foreign country. Assuming you are in Singapore, your mobile could be connected to “Singtel” at this moment while you were performing above steps but you were unsuccessful in getting to the relevant required menu.

    You need to go to your phone SETTING and thereafter NETWORKS and then MOBILE …. and then chose to MANUALLY select the roaming-partner …. per illustration above, your mobile phone will scan the frequencies of local mobile phone operators (with coverage in your current location) and continuing above example, you can also find Starhub and M1/Mobile One to select for Singapore…. so select 1 of them (assuming both are roaming-partners of Maxis/Hotlink) …. and allow your mobile-phone to register with that newly selected roaming-partner (repeat these steps to change to another different roaming-partner if are still unsuccessful in your attempt to get to the Option 6 : “MyAccount & Others” within the *100# Menu)

    Upon connected to the new roaming-partner (assuming Starhub is now selected), you may thereafter proceed to start afresh your *100# …….. and other steps …… to renew your 365Validity.

    All the best !!

  26. Tan says:

    Thank You Very Much Allen

  27. popeye88 says:

    Hey guys. All these can be done easily via Hotlink apps.

    There is no need for *100# whatsoever.

  28. Ken Ng says:

    Is this recent? The last time I checked the app, this isn’t available since 365 validity is not available for all customers

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