Yet Another About Page


Father. Blogger. Photographer. At least that’s what I hope to be good at.

I go by the name Ken and I consider myself to be native to the world of technology. @Peaz 2.0 is my blog where I use as a space to share my thoughts, tips, reviews and pretty much anything else that interest me. My primary devices includes the iPhone, iPad Pro, Apple Watch and the MacBook Pro. Thus, this blog does focus more on the Apple ecosystem. But sometimes, I venture out whenever I come across anything interesting.

I did mention photographer. I only use my iPhone 11 Pro and a Fujifilm X100T to capture images. I’ve long rid myself of the bulky Nikon D300 DSLR. This hobby of mine however has not been as active as I wished it to be.

As for my day job, in you’re interested, involves helping enterprise untangle spaghettis integrations and making APIs work on their behalf. So to speak. Reach me at LinkedIn if you want to connect.