The actual cost of iPhone screen repairs in Singapore

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Accidents happens. And unfortunate as it is, I dropped my iPhone accidentally a couple of days ago and shattered the glass of the iPhone. ? So, the the first thing I did was to try and figure out how much it would cost of iPhone screen repairs here in Singapore. As I searched online, I saw the pricing that was posted by Apple Support here ( $189 to get the screen replaced, though pricey, still seemed decent enough since it’s repaired directly by Apple.

Apple Singapore repair cost

Apple Singapore repair cost

But is that the actual cost of iPhone screen repairs?

I set out to one of the Apple Authorised Service Provider to get it replaced. Lo and behold, when I was quoted the price it was not $189. I had already expected some slight difference since the 3rd party service providers would probably mark the price up a little. But in reality, it’s not just a small but a 41% markup at $268! ? While I understand the need for the 3rd party service provider to earn a profit, going at a 41% markup off Apple’s standard pricing is just ridiculous, especially when there’s no alternative to it, at least official options. Not being the fussy type and I really do need my phone back as soon as possible, I just went ahead with it.

So what’s the gripe?

My biggest concern with my experience is that the page posted by Apple here ( has been really misleading for me. The first line is kind of ridiculous.

Apple Support page on iPhone service pricing

Apple Support page on iPhone service pricing

First of all, there isn’t an official Apple retail presence here in Singapore. The only option for repairs is to get it serviced by their Apple Authorised Service Providers (AASP). So I had both a web chat and phone support conversation with Apple to seek some clarity. The support person behind the web chat expectedly showed concern. I have to applaud the script that the service personnel uses, though sometimes, they do come across too strongly and feels insincere and fake. Anyways, they would not be able to resolve or provide the clarity I needed. Therefore, he scheduled a call with a phone support personnel to help address my issues. And this was the cause of my gripe with the overall experience and is the main reason why I then decided to write this up.

The person on the phone was totally disinterested to even explain to me why there’s a difference and how the price is even remotely justifiable to an end consumer here in Singapore. Accordingly to him, this is just how it is. And that the AASPs can do whatever they want with the repair costs. Ok, maybe I said that first, but he agreed with it. Wow! ? So why bother to have this page and its pricing available? Especially so when Apple does not have a control on the end consumer pricing for the repairs.

From my point of view, aren’t the AASPs here price bullying Apple consumers? It’s quite sad that where there’s no direct Apple retail presence, the after sales experience is simply horrendous. So much as that most of us that travels for business to countries like U.S. or Australia would rather get problems fixed when we are there than have it fixed here locally if we can hold it off. Sad, no?

Aren’t there other options?

Of course there are other options like the unofficial 3rd party iPhone repair shops you can find in Sim Lim Square or anywhere around the city. Unfortunately, those options aren’t official and it voids the warranty by Apple. So if there are any further problems with the phone, you’re on your own and you would have to continue to get it fixed by the 3rd party vendors.

Cracked iPhones Screen

Apple Store Singapore… open already!

All I can say now is that I can’t wait for Singapore’s Apple Store to be opened. For now, it seems delayed but hopefully they would open soon and put these Apple Authorised Service Providers here out of their monopoly and price bullying.

And Apple, seriously look into the practices of your AASPs. Your brand is really being damaged by these service providers. Services that should be free or cost very little like reinstalling of MacOS is costing your consumers $100s of dollars, when instead they should be just educating the users how to do it themselves. Seriously, pressing Command (⌘) and R during the Mac boot up that difficult?

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