Painless to replace a Logitech device under warranty in Singapore

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I thought I would share how easy and painless it was for me to get my Logitech G604 mouse replaced which was under warranty here in Singapore. The experience left a positive impression on me that I would continue to buy a Logitech device through a local dealership even when it is noticeably more expensive when compared with the pricing on Amazon US.

Logitech does not provide international warranty. “Your product’s warranty is only valid in the country in which you purchased your product.” as stated here in the Logitech’s support site. Therefore, the cheaper price difference of getting it from US but not being able to get a replacement in the event of a hardware failure isn’t quite worth it. This is especially so when you get a 2 year warranty for a Logitech G device.

Find out why Logitech G604 is probably one of the best mouse to use on a Mac.

Replacing the Logitech mouse in Singapore

I assume the process would be different depending where you bought your mouse. For me here in Singapore, I purchased the mouse from local dealership that has a presence on an online e-commerce platform. Therefore, its not as easy to deal with them directly for the warranty process since the e-commerce platform is not the direct party that sold the product.

The local dealers typically deal with the distributors for all warranty and RMA process. Therefore it is much easier and faster to deal directly with Logitech to get the RMA processed. So that’s what I did.

1. Sign on to Logitech’s support site

Firstly, log a case on Logitech’s support site. To do so, head to I recommend create an account if don’t already have one. Then click on “Contact Us” to proceed.

Logitech support site landing page
The Logitech Support Site. Log in then click on Contact Us.

What you want to get is to the section where you submit your question which will be used as the main content of your support ticket. Entering your device type at this point is optional, and you can just skip directly to the question screen.

Selecting the product type at the Logitech Support site
Selecting the product is optional. You can just skip this step

2. Submit your support question

As I mentioned, you need to describes the problem in the question as the text entered here will be the content of your support ticket. You would not be able to edit the submission anywhere after this. Do note also that you only have a limit of 200 characters.

describe the problem you facing in the provided text box at the Logitech support site
Describes the problem well. This will be the content of your support ticket.

Depending on your question, the support site might feature a specific help article. If this comes up like the screenshot below, click on the “Not Helpful” button and get it to display the list of help articles.

Auto featured help article on Logitech support site
Not helpful and go back to the list of answers
Mention that its not relevant and click to go “Back to Answers”

When you click on the Back to Answers, you should see the list of help articles like the screenshot below.

Click on “I Still Need Help” to submit your support ticket

3. Enter your details and complete the support case submission

Once you click on the “I Still Need Help” button, you will be able to enter your name and country. I would recommend that you also submit a scanned copy of your receipt so that you can hasten the validation process to get the warranty authorised. I would imagine that the support personnel would ask for that information later if it’s not provided in the first place.

Your support ticket will finally be submitted into the system. You will also get an email to confirm that the support case is submitted.

At this point, you just have to wait for a response from the support personnel. As you can see in the screenshot above, it took 1 day for them to respond to my support ticket.

4. Reach out to a local Singapore distributor

The support response from a John at Logitech provided some steps to try to troubleshoot and fix the issue. The steps includes asking me to try and update the mouse firmware through the Logitech G-Hub app, test the mouse without the Logitech G-Hub app, to assign different commands to those faulty buttons, reinstalling the Logitech G-Hub app and also trying to use the mouse on another.

Since I’ve already confirmed that this was a hardware problem as the problem is persistent when using the Logitech G604 mouse on both my personal and work Macbook, I didn’t go through the trouble of reinstalling the Logitech G-Hub app.

In the support response was also the contact details of the two Logitech distributors in Singapore, namely Keira Technologies and Ban Leong Technologies. Note that they didn’t include the email contact details of both.

  • Kaira Technologies Pte Ltd
    178, Paya Lebar Road
    #02-01 Singapore 409030
    Tel : 6494 4879
    Opening times: 9:30am to 6pm (Monday – Friday) (Weekends closed)
  •  Ban Leong Technologies Limited
    150 Ubi Ave 4, Level 4
    Sunlight Building
    Singapore 408825
    Tel : 6512 9250
    Opening times: 9am to 5pm (Monday – Friday) and 9am to 12.30pm (Saturday)

I’ve decided to go with Ban Leong Technologies for my replacement as I was familiar with them. With a quick Google search, I managed to find their support email address: [email protected]. With that, I simply forwarded the email copy of the support response from Logitech to Ban Leong’s support email so that they a reference to the support ticket number from the Logitech support site.

Within a couple of days, they replied and asked again for a copy of the receipt from the local dealership which I promptly attached and replied to them. And again, within a couple of days, they confirmed that they had stock for the replacement and proceeded to asked me when I would come by their office to do the replacement.

support email communication with Ban Leong

5. Getting the replacement done!

All you need is the original copy of the receipt and the faulty device, in this case the Logitech G604 mouse, along with the Lightspeed USB receiver. I didn’t pack it back into its original packaging as I have already recycled it. I don’t usually keep the boxes as it just clutters up my space. And as I discovered, this wasn’t necessary at all.

Getting the replacement was as simple as showing up at the Ban Leong’s service centre and passing them my faulty mouse along with the receipt to check and verify. In my experience, they didn’t even ask for my ticket number, which surprised me. Perhaps there isn’t any other Logitech G604 replacements being arranged during the time and therefore they knew which case it was. Otherwise, I think a simple mention of the case number or email correspondence would suffice.

Logitech, through Ban Leong, essentially provided me with a full retail packaging version of the Logitech G604 mouse. So I basically got a completely new mouse!

A completely new retail Logitech G604 mouse for the warranty replacement!

In summary

Hopefully you agree with me that this was a relatively painless experience to get a Logitech device replaced here in Singapore. Even without Logitech having a direct presence here in Singapore, Ban Leong Technologies was easy enough to deal with for the warranty process.

Just remember to keep your receipt intact. I keep them both filed and scanned as well to have a backup copy. And go ahead to recycle the retail packaging box if you don’t want the clutter. As I mentioned, its not required for the replacement.

Lastly, the mouse will continue to be covered under warranty from the date stated on the receipt. I confirmed this with the staff at Ban Leong.

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  1. Ariel says:

    This was really useful, thanks! Does this mean that as long as I buy a Logitech mouse locally, I can claim warranty under Ban Leong with my receipt?

  2. Ken Ng says:

    Yup. That’s correct.

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