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Samsung T7 Shield 0

How Fast is the Samsung T7 Shield?

With the recent Sandisk fiasco, I decided to get a new external SSD to hold all my RAW images. Looking around, I went with the Samsung T7 Shield, which essentially the equivalent of Sandisk...


Nomad Strap for Apple Watch

I recently gotten myself the Apple Watch Series 2 with the Black Woven Nylon strap. The woven nylon strap is very comfortable and looks really great in all occasion. However, when I take the Apple Watch...


Path Finder 6: The ultimate OS X Finder replacement

The default OS X Finder does its job ok. As long as all you need is simple file management capabilities, then it provides you with everything you need. But if you find yourself using Finder on a daily basis and most of your time at work, then perhaps you should take a look at Path Finder.