A Logitech G604 mouse review from a Mac user

Ken Ng

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5 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    How did you install the software (on catalina)? The GHUB “zip” file extracted install upon running said “damaged”!

  2. Ken Ng says:

    I just downloaded it from Logitech site (https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/innovation/g-hub.html) and installed it from there. No different that what you’ve done I assume.

  3. Vikas Rao says:

    Thank you for this writeup! I just bought a G604 to use mainly with my macbook pro 2018. The connection is seamless when I use the Lightspeed connection but I noticed that it drops sometimes when I am on bluetooth. I prefer to connect via bluetooth on the go or when I am not gaming and switch to lightspeed when I play CSGO – this helps conserve battery as well. But the dropping bluetooth connection is a little concerning to me. Did you face any issues like this? If so, were there any fixes that worked for you? Thanks!

  4. BenR says:

    I like the mouse itself a lot. I was just hoping that capturing control + up would work. It apparently can’t figure that out for mission control. But other than that it’s better than the Logitech MX3 I dropped, broke and replaced with the G604. 😀

  1. April 27, 2020

    […] rather continue using my mouse on the Cooler Master XL mousepad that you see on the photo above. My Logitech G604 gaming mouse glides quite noisily on the surface of the Omnidesk […]

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