Transfer Control save game between Epic Games Store, GOG and Steam

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Here’s a guide on how you can transfer your Control save game between Epic Games Store, GOG and Steam versions.

Why transfer Control save game?

I was originally playing Control on installed from Epic Games Store. As I was almost finishing the game, I realised that Amazon Prime Gaming had actually gifted the Ultimate Edition of Control on the GOG platform. Since that had the DLCs, I didn’t want to restart and replay it again just because the game was installed from different platforms.

Thankfully, it’s quite straightforward to transfer the save games. Although I do have to say that Epic Games Store makes it a bit confusing, thus me writing this up just in case someone else wants to know how too.

You can see from the screenshot below that my save game loaded perfectly on Control Ultimate Edition and having the DLC’s Foundation mission triggered after transferring the Epic Games Store’s version.

Floating around in the game Control

The Control save games locations

First up, the main thing is to figure out where the save games are stored. I’ve added both the Windows and Mac locations. Yes, you can play Control relatively well on the Mac. I used CrossOver 23.5 with D3DMetal enable. If you have the game on Epic Games Store, then use Heroic Launcher to install and launch it.

The following are where the Control save games are located.

Gaming PlatformWindows locationMacOS location
Epic Games Store%LOCALAPPDATA%\Remedy\Control\Default-Epic-User\When using Heroic Launcher + CrossOver:
/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/Heroic/drive_c/users/crossover/Local Settings/Application Data/Remedy/Control/Default-Epic-User
Steam<your-steam-directory>\userdata\<your-steam-userid>\870780\remoteWhen using CrossOver:
/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/<bottle_name>/drive_c/<your-steam-directory>\userdata\<your-steam-userid>\870780\remote
GOG%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Control\Saves\When using CrossOver + GOG’s offline installer:
/Users/<username>/Documents/My Games/Control/Saves

If you’re just installed the game, I recommend starting it up first. Then, get a save game created so the game has the necessary folders and initial files created. After that, quit the game and you’re now ready to transfer the save game.

How to transfer Control save games to/from Steam and GOG

Transferring between Steam and GOG is easy and both of these platforms uses the same save game file names. So all you need to do is to simply copy over all the files you find in the folder. It should just work.

How to transfer Control save games to/from Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store however uses a completely different folder and file structure. Each save slots has their own folder and the file name has a .chunk suffix added. The screenshots below show you how it should be done.

If you are transferring from Epic Games Store: savegame-slot-00/containment.chunk is to be renamed to savegame-slot-00_containment.

Do the reverse if you are transferring to Epic Games Store. Firstly, create the savegame-slot-00 folder, then copy the save games files over, remove the savegame-slot-00 and add .chunk to the file.

Now you have Control of your saves

Remedy Control - facing the former being

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