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  1. Shivansh Potdar says:

    It is rather preposterous that such extra work is required to play LAN, while I do appreciate your work I’m rather disappointed it had to come to this just to enjoy a game of minecraft.

  2. lolacek says:

    Everything works good but when i try to join local server i cant bcs i have error:$annotatedconnectexception Connection refused No Further Information. Can you help me whit this?

  3. Ken Ng says:

    Is the local server running on another machine in the network? Did you reenabled your machine’s network connection after the Minecraft started up in offline mode so that it can see the local server?

  4. Bolo Lacertus says:

    It no longer work on Minecraft 1.16.5. Apparently, MS is geting greedy.

  5. Ken Ng says:

    Still does for us when we tried last Saturday. Try to only turn wifi/internet access back on after the Minecraft client gets loaded by the launcher.

  6. Space says:

    Doesnt work anymore on 1.17.1

  7. Ken Ng says:

    It still does at my end actually. Does your account switch back to the login in profile name? If this is so, maybe you are turning back internet access too soon and the Minecraft app is not really playing in offline mode.

    Or are you getting other errors?

  8. IdahoEagle says:

    I am unable to find the server.jar or file. The only thing I can find is a server.dat file and a server.dat_old file? How can I find those?

  9. modern12 says:

    I have hard time to do this on Mac after mojang accounts are now unavailable (M$ only). Cant run Minecraft on Mac in offline mode at all (Launcher update keep asking for permission to mac keychain (minecraft 1.20.1 and 1.20.2)).

  10. Ken Ng says:

    It’s annoying, yes, but still possible even with the latest version of the launcher. Anytime the launcher needs an update or needs to refresh its login again, keep it online so it’s updated and all, then do the offline trick to run it offline. You only need to do this for the one client that needs to get the username changed.

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