How to sign on with a different Apple ID for the App Store on iOS 14

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As I’ve lived in a couple of countries, I registered and use different Apple ID for the App Store of two different countries so that I can apps that is only available in their respective App Stores. On iOS 13 and before, signing in and out of the App Store was easy and straightforward. However, this is now changed on iOS 14.

Using a different Apple ID for the App Store on iOS 14

The following is a simple pictorial guide on the steps to do so.

1. Go to the Apple ID in Settings

This is where you will find all the settings for the Apple ID, iCloud and Media & Purchases (App Store).

iOS 14 Apple ID Settings

2. Tap on Media & Purchases

Tap on Media & Purchases setting for the next steps.

iOS 14 Apple ID Media & Purchases settings

3. Sign out from the App Store

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Yes. That user icon is how you sign out. Very intuitive Apple… NOT!

iOS 14 Sign out button for AppStore
iOS 14 Sign out of the AppStore

4. Sign on with a different Apple ID for the App Store

After Media & Purchases shows up as Off, tap on the settings again.

iOS 14 Media & Purchases off

Here, tap on Not <your name> to switch the Apple ID. If you tap on continue, it would use the same Apple ID as your iCloud settings.

iOS 14 change AppStore Apple ID

Once you do that, you now can sign on with a different Apple ID from the one you use for iCloud. You may have different reasons to do this. But as I’ve mentioned earlier, I use have registered different IDs so that I can download certain apps that is only available in a specific country’s App Store.

iOS 14 Sign on AppStore with new Apple ID

And if you done it right, you will now see a different Apple ID used for your iCloud and Media & Purchases

iOS 14 different Apple ID for AppStore

And that is how you use a different Apple ID to sign in to different App Stores on iOS 14. Hope you find this guide useful.

Now, see how you can change your App icons with anything you like on iOS 14 using the Icon Themer shortcut.

A custom reddit app icon without the app name on iOS
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  1. Joe says:

    Thanks so much for this post! I was wondering how to switch between App store countries in iOS 14. Apple did not make it intuitive at all.

  2. doz says:

    i LOVE you!!!!!!! 😄I can’t tell you how many ways i’ve tried to find this information. Infuriatingly difficult! Who knew it was so easy? You, apparently. This has been driving me nuts! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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