The Ultimate Shopping Guide for the iPad or Netbook!

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So you think you need a new device in addition to your collection of 7321902208367 devices you currently own. And the in thing today seems like an in between device, something that’s not quite as small as your smartphone and not quite as large as your notebook. It seems like everyone in Starbucks is lugging this newfangled category of mobile devices. You definitely feel left out and you start to wonder how that happened. Steve Jobs didn’t make it any better when the announced a new product that fit right into this category. iPad, with wings of no wings, sounded like a pretty nice deal. But there’s also the whole slew of Netbooks that’s shouting for your limited attention span. Arggh, iPad or Netbook? Which one is for you???!!!

Sounds familiar? Well, here’s a no-satisfaction-guaranteed guide to help you choose whether you should be getting a brand new iPad or yet another Netbook.

Well, use the guide at your own risk. 🙂

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