Using the Icon Themer shortcut to create custom iOS app icons

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  1. not a good idea says:

    This has a ton of security issues with it. It uploads your photos used to a server, loss of privacy right there. Then any profile installed on your device gives the remote server access. Giving up security for icon changes? I’m sorry but this makes absolutely zero sense. Can already see based on this alone that Apple will patch secondary shortcut access in the future for things like this.

  2. Ken Ng says:

    If you look into the shortcut itself, it does not do that. The shortcut is open and therefore you can see exactly what it does. I’ve not seen it sending anything anywhere except checking for it’s latest version on Routinehub and to download the latest version of there is an update, and also to download the updated list of App URL schemes.

    All external URL calls are using the GET method. Meaning it’s not unlikely to be sending anything out. Also, you can see what is the full http request and understand what it is actually doing. And as for the creation of the profile, it actually does it on device.

    You can also see the script that generates the profile, again, the profile does nothing other than running the app URL scheme which itself would just open up the target app. It does not expose a hole for external access to your iPhone.

    Have you discovered this somewhere within the shortcut actions on what you are claiming?

  3. Silas Crawford says:

    I don’t even get to the profile management screen after I select my custom icon. It just closes and my custom icon never appears. Do you know why this is happening?

  4. Ken Ng says:

    Try to go to the Profiles settings in Settings -> General -> Profiles. Do you see any profiles that is not yet installed? You need to manually install it.

  5. g says:

    How am i able to search? when i click on the shortcut, it just brings up all the details and i’m not able to set that app that i want.

  6. Ken Ng says:

    Have you seen the video walkthrough? If you installed the shortcut, the shortcut should run when you tap on it. Just avoid tapping at the three-dots icon part of the shortcut button as that would bring you to the details.

  7. wey dog says:

    How do I make one for safari??

  8. Ken Ng says:

    For Safari, or any other default iOS system apps, Select the “System apps” option when the Icon Themer ask you to Choose an app. You will just need to scroll down the list of apps when it shows all the iOS apps. Everything else is the same.

  9. glstilio says:

    I think this is a a great thing. I just wish folks would stop claiming this HUGE security risk. I’m quite sure the same people complaining have all of their passwords stored in Google Chrome and use social media. The creator of this used Apple’s resources. After looking through, nothing malicious has been added or set up. Apple doesn’t even allow it. Thanks again creator. I’m sitting here in between client meetings and decided to give it a go. Works great!

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