Official iOS 4.2 update for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch out now!

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Yes. I know this is a little late to, but hey I was busy 😛

Anyways, if you have read my blog recently and did follow what I did, you’d most likely already have your iPhone or iPad updated to iOS 4.2.1 GM. Technically speaking, it’s the same build of the latest official release of iOS 4.2 via iTunes today.

However, if you’re using an iPhone 3GS, you’d probably notice that the you’d still get a notification for an update via iTunes. This means only one thing, the public release of the iOS 4.2 for iPhone 3GS is NOT the same build number as the GM release!

A quick check at a particular site here confirms that speculation of mine! If you check the build number of the firmware for iPhone 3GS, it’s iPhone2,1_4.2.1_8C148a_Restore.ipsw. Notice the ‘a’ suffix behind the 8C148 build number!

In any case, you can just update it via iTunes as per usual, OR download the firmware manually from  this particular site here and perform the usual option(Mac)/shift(Windows)+Update step in iTunes to update you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you’re unsure about it, well, I’ve described it multiple times in my previous postings most clearly here in Manually downloading iOS 4.1 (or any other versions) for iTunes and briefly here in 5 reasons to update the iPhone to iOS 4.2 GMUpdating your iPad to iOS 4.2 now, GM2 that is.

If you still need clarification, just shout out in the comment box below and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

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