Updated: iOS 4.2.1 GM for iPad and iPhone is out!

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Looks like a newer version of the iOS 4.2.1 GM is out. It’s just been released and it’s available for all the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You can get it from this particular site now and update your iDevices as per my previous two blog posts – 5 reasons to update the iPhone to iOS 4.2 GMUpdating your iPad to iOS 4.2 now, GM2 that is. Go, download iOS 4.2.1 and have fun now!

Updated:  Just discovered that you can also Option+Update (Mac) or Shift+Update (Windows) on iTunes to update your iDevice with the downloaded iOS firmware file! But a word of warning, you should only do this if you’re currently on a legit iOS version. Meaning, do this only if you don’t jailbreak your iDevice. If your iDevice is currently jailbroken and you do intend to update to the legit iOS, my advice is to still do the Restore method, Option/Shift+Restore.

This is because when you jailbreak the iDevice, it creates a partition for itself where Cydia would reside on. And if you merely update the firmware, the iOS would be patched and the partition would be ‘forgotten’ and would never be recoverable until you restore it back to factory settings (aka wipe everything off), which is basically the Restore method.

Anyways, I just updated my iPhone 3GS to iOS 4.2.1 GM with the Update method. Works great and it’s so much faster since it does not need to restore everything I have from backup! 😀 Phew!

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