How to get your own email domain name with Gmail

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  1. Anastacia says:

    This is a superb tutorial but of course was little bit mistaken when you introduced the hosting stuff am not on go day host and i did not see DNS listed there, had to contact my host (hostgator) aside that it is great keep up the good work.

  2. ali says:

    This is very interesting tutorial. very helpful.
    Sir, can i implement this same idea in yahoo or hotmail.
    I hope you can answer me very well

  3. Ken Ng says:

    I believe you can for hotmail.

  4. Ankit Singhal says:

    This is a great tutorial…and i really got a lot of knowledge from it….but i just wanna know one thing….there is any disadvantage of the application ..????means google publish their adds on our website..without my permission…..or any other like that……just guide me about that……

  5. Ken Ng says:

    If you are going to use the free-edition of Google Apps, Standard Edition, it will be ad supported where Google will indeed display ads on the gmail interface.

    See the following term in their TOS (

    “1.4 Ads. Customer agrees that Google may serve Ads in connection with the Service.”

  6. Ankit Singhal says:

    Thanx Ken for your support….i also wanna know one thing….in free edition the
    ad will display on our main website also….or just on our gmail interface….

  7. Ken Ng says:

    Just the gmail interface. it’s got nothing to do with your own website or your main domain at all. 🙂 All you do is to point a sub-domain to the gmail interface that’s hosted on Google’s servers.

  8. Ankit Singhal says:

    hey…Ken…i have an problem..i have registered my domain with google…and i activated google app….then i have lost my net connection…..and now i am not able to sign in my admin account…..that is [email protected]…..what should i do..????

  9. Ankit Singhal says:

    can u please send me the link….of that sign in page….

  10. Ankit Singhal says:

    I have done all the work and registor my site on google and also create emmail address….but i m not able to set the SPF…can you please help me regarding this

  11. Ken Ng says:

    Go to Click on sign-in, and it should ask you for your domain name. Fill that in with and sign in! The next screen will ask for your username (admin) and password.

  12. Ankit Singhal says:

    After doing all thaa settings in MX and SPF as you mentioned in your blog….i got this warning….”cPanel is unable to verify that this server is an authoritative nameserver for your domain”……now what should i do…..???

  13. Ken Ng says:

    May I ask which host are you using for this?

  14. Ankit Singhal says:

    Its Balasai Net. Pvt. Ltd…

  15. Ken Ng says:

    I’d advice you to seek help from your host on the settings required for the domain configurations. You may not have full access to configure the domain’s NS settings or something to that effect.

  16. Poru says:

    Very good and useful advice.
    Unfortunate for users at mainland China.
    In that country, Google is systematically interfered with.
    Therefore, any words like “Google” or “Gmail” will have problem getting through when using the internet in the China.
    Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, are claimed by mainland China but they are quite independent vis-a-vis Google services are not affected in those areas.
    For those wanting to use FOC internet mail service in the mainland, suggest to try.

  17. GNJ says:

    But the custom account for [email protected] is just 10 right? Unlimited Account for user or just 10?

  18. Ken Ng says:

    It looks like the free Standard Edition for Google Apps have further reductions in its limits since I wrote this article. Thanks for the heads up and I’ll update the article accordingly. It looks like it’s at a limit of 10 users (distinct email accounts), a far cry from the 50 users I had when I signed up years ago. But I believe the mail storage has increased, from 8 (or 6)GB previously to the current 10GB limit.

  19. Dave says:

    Thanks a lot for the great post on How to get your own email domain name with Gmail. This is very helpful for a newbie like me.

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