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  1. Jay Cummings says:

    This did work, I recall. And my controller was working until yesterday, and it did have two listings. But now it is not working, and there is only one listing (the (Xbox One for Windows) one; it does make the test joystick work). Nothing changed as far as I know. Any other ideas? Running Crossover 22.1, for a while now.

  2. Ken Ng says:

    Version 22.0.1 and above have fixed this problem in the first place. And if I remember correctly, 22.1 will correctly detect and list only one XBox controller. Can’t think of anything at the moment. I assume you’ve tried the usual restart the Mac and re-pair controller steps. Have you also submitted a support ticket or a post this on the forums? They probably are the best place to get help.

    I’m been running version 23 now and so far it’s been working. Though it’s been a while I’ve picked up my controller and game on my Mac.

    If I can think of anything, I’ll post here again.

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