Controller not detected in CrossOver 22? Here’s the fix.

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If you use an Xbox One Wireless controller on CrossOver, you would notice that the latest version 22 have caused it not to work properly. This issue was happening on both Witcher 3 and Fallout NV bottles which was working well on Crossover 21.

front shot of an Xbox Wireless Controller

The controller actually is detected by CrossOver 22 and you can see it in the game controller settings. However, Crossover 22 seems to detect 2 xinput devices.

Detected controllers on CrossOver 22

On the Test Joystick tab, I found that the one called “Xbox Wiress Controller” does not seem to work, while the one called “Controller (Xbox One for Windows)” works.

Controller test joystick tab on CrossOver

I’ve tried using the override settings to disable the not working ones and force enable the working one, but the game still does not detect the controller. So, how do you get around the controller not detected in CrossOver 22 and fix it?

Controller not detected on CrossOver 22 fix

The clue is in the overrides which CrossOver provides in the settings. However, you’ll be surprised how it needs to be set for the fix to work.

I tried to mess a bit more with the override option and figured out that I need to disable the one called “Controller (Xbox One For Windows)” and Override the one called “Xbox Wireless Controller” to be Connected and the game now detects the game controller again!

Override settings in CrossOver 22 for the Controller not detected problem

See the screenshot I’ve above for the settings I used to get it working again. Yes. You read it correctly and let me repeat it here again.

  1. Override and Disable the one that is working in the Test Joystick tab
  2. Override and leave it as Connected for the one that does not work in the Test Joystick tab.

And that should fix the issue this weird controller issue with CrossOver 22, at least until they release a patch to fix the issue once and for all.

According to other users, this fix is the same if you are using the Playstation controllers.

Also, come users have shared that on their machine, unfortunately the names of the two xinput devices detected on CrossOver 22 is the same. If that’s the case, you might need to just mess around and try disabling and enabling one after the other until you get it right.

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  1. Zeb says:

    Thank you! That works on Skyrim too. I haven’t seen anyone else figure this out!

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