iCloud+ Hide My Email on iOS 15 is seriously AWESOME!

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iCloud+ Hide my email is by far the best feature of the upcoming release of iOS and iPadOS 15. I’ve been using the public beta of iPadOS 15 and this is the one new features that I really like. Let me walk you through how Hide my email works on iPadOS 15.

iCloud+ Hide my email

How to use Hide my email

In most cases, you would be using Hide my email directly through the Safari integration. The following video recording will show you how it works on iPadOS 15.

As you saw on the video above, whenever you tap on an email field on Safari, it would automatically suggest you with a Hide my email option to immediately autogenerate a random unique email address which would act as a relay to your actual email address. This method automatically tags the new randomly generated email address with the website you are using the login for. This is useful as you can easily search for the right email to disable, when you so choose to.

Emails send to the Hide my email address would be relayed to your actual email inbox with the generated address on the To header. You can know which Hide my email address to disable since you know which address its being sent to.

Relayed emails via Hide my email

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Manually generate new relays via the iCloud settings

You can also generate new random email relays directly via the iCloud settings.

The Hide my email feature in iCloud+ settings

This is also where you will now find all the hidden email addresses that are generated when you use Sign in with Apple on websites and apps that supports it.

When you tap on Create new address, it will immediately generate a new random and unique email address. If you don’t like the generated email, you can tap on Use different address and it will generate a new one.

Generating a new random email address with iCloud+ Hide my email

With Hide my email, the addresses are generated in a readable form using both alphanumeric characters and symbols. It would also use the icloud.com domain, instead of privaterelay.appleid.com as with Sign in with Apple.

When you continue, you can then label the address so you know what it’s being used for.

Labeling your Hide my email address

That’s all there is to it. Whenever an email is sent to this address, it will simply get relayed to you actual email address.

Done creating a new Hide my email address

Which email address does Hide my email relay to?

The relay supports forwarding it to email address that you have added in your Apple ID account settings. The primary one would be the same email you use for your Apple ID. If you have more that one email address set up in your Apple ID account, you can tap on the Forward to option and change it.

Changing the Hide my email forwarding address

Disabling and deleting a Hide my email address

To disable any of these address, simple tap into it on the Hide my email settings on your. This will bring you to the settings for that Hide my email address. When the address is disabled, you will no longer get any emails forwarded to you on that address.

Hide my email address settings page

And once the address is disabled, the address will no longer be found, effectively disabling any spam to be relayed to your actual email address.

Error sending emails to disabled Hide my email address

Back in the Hide my email settings, you have the option to re-enable it, or delete the address permanently.

Reactivate or delete Hide my email address

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