Using CamTwist to use an iPhone as a Webcam for FREE on MacOS

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3 Responses

  1. Drew M. says:

    Tried this and got CamTwist to appear as an option in Zoom. However, when I click on it, the preview video just shows a “no signal” rainbow screen with the CamTwist logo in the middle.

    I unsigned the Zoom app and restarted it, but no luck. Any thoughts?

  2. Drew M. says:

    UPDATE: ignore my question. I didn’t realize you had to have CamTwist open in the background for this to work. Thanks!

    This is a great alternative considering I cannot get EpocCam to work no matter what 🙁

  3. Ken Ng says:

    Yup, You need CamTwist to continue to stream the video feed from the iPhone to its virtual camera output. If you can’t get EpocCam to work, you can actually get a refund from the AppStore if you downloaded the paid version of EpocCam.

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