Virtual background for Google Meet on MacOS using OBS

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2 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Ken; I’m intrigued with how you’re using OBS here, but I don’t seem to be able to get google meet to “see” my OBS virtual camera. I have followed every instruction you laid out here, but when I go to google meet, and it asks to see my camera, the only option it gives me is my facetime HD camera. Even though I’ve started the OBS virtual camera in OBS, and then booted up Firefox, google meet still won’t see the virtual camera option. This post of yours isn’t that old… could google have already disallowed using a virtual camera? Is it still working for you? I’m on a macbook pro running Mojave.

  2. Ken Ng says:

    Hi Michael, that is actually surprising considering Chrome is actually the easier one to manage with virtual cameras. Have you restarted your MacBook Pro after installing the virtual camera? You can also confirm if the OBS Virtual Camera file “obs-mac-virtualcam.plugin” has been installed correctly at the “/Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL” location.

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