Forklift 3 review and a comparison for Path Finder 7 users

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4 Responses

  1. razmanugget says:

    Very nice write up, Ken. I’ve been using Forklift since TotalFinder stopped working with SIP. Forklift 3 is fairly solid and clean. Sometimes it throws an error when moving or deleting apps. It also seems a little slower than the default Finder. But, for the most part, I am really happy with it.

  2. Ken Ng says:

    Glad you find my write up useful. ? Thanks!

  3. Al Olby says:

    Thanks for this Ken, a great write up. I still can’t get ForkLift to work as my default Finder even after using the Terminal command (2011 iMac, 10.13.1) I’ve used Path Finder for years, but since High Sierra it’s been using a lot of energy and memory, even on a new MacBook Pro with a fresh install of Path Finder. The battery drain is considerable. I prefer Path Finder for its shelf function, very handy, but have found at times Path Finder won’t connect to certain FTP addresses that ForkLift will.

    As an Alfred user, not opening files and folders in ForkLift is a major limitation for me. Wish I could find a way to make this happen as until Path Finder 8 comes out – or at least a fix for the energy use – I’ll most likely need to use ForkLift.

  4. emailia says:

    is there any update for Mrach 2023? Are you still using Forklift or did you revert back to PF? What PF features do you miss most?

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