Import EML to Apple Mail (and then to Gmail)

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Here because you need to import EML to Apple Mail? Let me share how you can do it just a few simple steps. πŸ˜„ I recently found myself in a need to do the same, and then ultimately transfer the imported emails to a Gmail account. Some initial search online seems to advise using 3rd party apps to first convert them to the mbox format. Thankfully, I quickly found out that this was not required at all.

Here’s how you import EML to Apple Mail for free!!!

If you’re wondering, each exported EML file contains a single email. My emails was exported from Zoho email and it came in a zip file. Extracting the zip file gets me all the EML files as you see below.

To import these EML files, use the Import Mailboxes… feature on Apple Mail.

Import mailboxes on Apple Mail

This will bring up the Import dialog box. Select the Apple Mail format to continue.

Import data from Apple Mail to import eml to Apple Mail

Now, search and select where you have extracted all the EML files. Once you chose the folder, Apple Mail will find all the emails and list them for you to continue and confirm the import. Make sure all the items are checked and click on Continue to complete the import.

Select the folder where all the EML files are
Select all the EML files and continue to import to Apple Mail

Once the import is complete, you will see all the imported EML files to Apple Mail appear in a new Import mailbox on your Mac. You will also notice that each email will be imported into its own folder. Don’t worry about that though, it is quite easy to move all of the emails into another folder of your choice. Select all the mailboxes (as highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below) and you will see all the emails in the preview pane.

Import of the EML files are completed, each EML will be in its own sub-folder

Finally, select all the emails and right click and move the emails to the folder of your choosing. If you want to migrate them to another account like Gmail, just move them to the folder of the Gmail account within Apple Mail. Apple Mail will then sync and upload all the imported emails to the cloud email account.

Move to emls to the target folder location by selecting all the emails from the imported folders

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