Replace Yi Dashcam Battery easily under 30 minutes!

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4 Responses

  1. Ken Ng says:

    This one might be a little bit too wide at 30mm. It could fit but it would be quite a tight squeeze I think. The width for the battery I got is 25mm and as you can see from the photos, there’s some but not that much space left on its sides.

  2. stab244 says:

    Hi, I have a replacement battery but the connector isn’t the same. The ones you suggested don’t seem to be in stock for Amazon and the connector doesn’t look right either. Would you happen to know what connector is needed?

  3. Ken Ng says:

    It is a JST connector and looks like you’re right. The one from Amazon comes with a 2-pin JST connector. The one on the camera is a 3-pin. One way around it is to cut the connector from the old battery and solder it to your new battery. It should work.

    Alternatively, I just searched Aliexpress again. The previous one that I bought is no longer available. But this one looks exactly the same as the one I got.

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