macOS set up for coding and development (2022 edition)

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6 Responses

  1. Narender says:

    how can we include in macOS, do you have any pointer for me,.

  2. Ken Ng says:

    Can you help to clarify what you want to include? Your question is unclear to me unfortunately.

  3. bocan says:

    This is a great guide but Powerlevel9k isn’t maintained anymore. I’d recommend

  4. Ken Ng says:

    Wow. I’ve not checked out 10k yet. Thanks for pointing it out. It looks awesome. Will update the article soon

  5. JK says:

    How about vscode integrated terminal setup after iterm2 powerlevel10?

  6. Ken Ng says:

    You just need to change the VS Code terminal fonts to match the same as iTerm and it would be good.

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