If you ever need a stylus for the iPad, this XStylus Touch should be it.

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Here’s something I don’t usually do. Fund a project that is.

But having recently used a stylus on the iPad to write notes and doodle diagrams, I now know what I’ve been missing thus far. And now that I’ve found what seems like the perfect stylus for the iPad, I knew I had to get it. Or in this case, did my bit to make sure it gets produced.

Some has called it the fountain pen of styluses. And from what I’ve seen in their videos, it sure does have that potential.

Here’s a video of the XStylus Touch in action.

Here’s what I like about it.

Firstly, it’s suppose to weigh about 30g. That’s really nice and I’ve always liked pens to be on the heavier side.

Secondly, the video shows a really great response from the stylus’ tip. I’ve been using my cheap Targus stylus, and while it works pretty ok, it has to be used in an almost vertical angle. Slanting it too much yields no response from the tip.

Thirdly, the holder that snaps into the iPads port at the bottom is a nice touch indeed. It uses a strong magnet so it holds the stylus snugly. And as an added benefit, it also helps to keep dust away from the port that is otherwise exposed!

And lastly, it looks really good too. And at the price of US$25, to be honest, it’s a steal. I’ve seen styluses that cost much more than US$25 and perhaps functions half as good as this one promises to be.

Therefore, if you too are looking for the perfect stylus for your iPad, perhaps you can support this project can get it off the ground. The inventor is looking to reach a funding of US$50,000, the minimum amount required by the manufacturer he’s seeking to produce the XStylus Touch. Best of all, there’s no risk on the contributor’s side. He’s promised to refund the full amount (and bare the cost of marketing on IndieGoGo himself) if this project does not meet the funding goals.

There are more information on the XStylus Touch here in its campaign page. Go ahead and check it out! The inventor has posted a few more videos there and there’s also some photos and descriptions of the planned production process. Very impressive!

So, what are you waiting for?

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3 Responses

  1. Jonathan Tan says:

    Hi Ken, I disagree my experience with rubber nib pens are that it is fantastic and great to write for a couple of months but once the rubber wears out or looses it integrity it would be difficult to continue to use, unless the rubber nib can be replaceable. Cheers Jonathan htttp://MasterYourGadget.com

  2. Ken Ng says:

    Perhaps we can ask the inventor himself what’s his plan to counter this 🙂

  3. Elton says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for your good question. Yes, things wear out but there is always a way to minimize it.

    The reason that these rubber tip typically wears out fast and the writing is not smooth as a real pen is caused by the same factor. At first, the coating on the tip is not nicely applied. The higher the tip to surface friction is, the harder you writing, and the harder you writing the coating wear off even faster. It is a total vicious circle. So the key for a long lasting capacitive touch pen is, a good “smooth” conductive tip.

    Too bad that I can’t sent you a sample to try on now, but I can tell you that ALL the people, that have tried the XStylus Touch on their hand can tell the different and benefit of using it within 10 strokes.

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