Beyond a Steel Sky: iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro + AMD RX 5700 XT

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  1. gewappnet says:

    A comparison with the Apple TV version would be interesting as this is probably the most used version (at least Apple TV is Apple‘s game console). But I guess it is similar to the iPad.

  2. Ken Ng says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have an Apple TV otherwise I would also have had made the comparisons. But I would imagine it to be the same as the iPad Pro. They didn’t allow for any videos settings on the iOS version as and we would have to see how they continue to improve/tweak the settings to each device over time.

    But for now, I’m starting to play more on my MacBook. It’s just a much better experience.

  3. Hi!

    I’m curious if you can report the performance of the same setup playing other games on Apple Arcade. I have the same model of graphics card (but a version from Gigabyte) in a Mac Pro (Mid 2010) which isn’t officially supported to use later MacOS versions than Mojave, but things work really well even in Big Sur with a little modification and use of OpenCore:

    Anyway, my concern is that performance in games on Apple Arcade are not stable frame rate wises. In many games the performance is great most of the time, but then there are short pauses/hiccups in frame rate here and there which kind of take away the experience.

    For example the game Agent Intercept runs super smooth all maxed out on my 1920 x 1200 display for the most part, but there are hiccups every now and then. Same for titles like Samuari Jack and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure.

    Now, I’m curious if these hiccups are because of my computer (the CPU) lacking some feature and since it’s not officially supported by MacOS, but performance outside of gaming is really good and if I boot into Windows 10 on the same hardware games mostly fly without any hiccup whatsoever.

    How does other (3D) games on Apple Arcade run for you on your setup?

    Thanks in advance for any info! 🙂

  4. Ken Ng says:

    I’ve tried Pathless on the my MBP + eGPU setup and it definitely runs better and smoother compared to the iPad. I’ve not tried the others. I’ll do so and let you know. But I would have to say games like Alba and Samurai Jack aren’t as demanding so it’s hard to imagine the eGPU has problems supporting it.

    Having said that, the RX 5700 XT typically maxes out at 1440p at the highest settings.

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