What’s the fuss with Google Buzz?

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Great, there’s yet another social media platform to get hook on. I’ve not able to test it on my Gmail account yet since it’s not yet released to Google Apps users, such as yours truly. So that sucks. The only way that I’m able to Buzz is through my iPhone via the mobile version of Google Buzz. Just try going to http://buzz.google.com/ on your mobile device and you’ll see what I mean.

So Buzz allows you to share with your friends photos, videos and more while allowing friends to post comments and replies to you directly all within email.

Hmm, sounds familiar isn’t it. Don’t I already do that on Facebook???

Fine. I’ve not yet used Buzz comprehensively to really comment about its effectiveness in social sharing of my thoughts and current affairs in the real world. But do I see myself using it a lot? Probably not. Here’s a few reasons why.

1. Not all my friends are on Gmail. Techno-speak? Buzz isn’t really heterogenous. It’s a system that requires you to have a Gmail account. Not everyone wants to have yet another email account to manage, especially those who uses Hotmail or Yahoo. Google seems to think that the whole world revolves around Gmail.

2. Who don’t already have a Facebook account? Sure, Facebook isn’t perfect. There are also many areas where they can improve and their constant change of the user interface annoys the heck out of me. But do I need to maintain yet another social networking platform to do what I can already do on Facebook?

3. No native iPhone app for Buzz. 90% of my status updates and social media sharing is posted directly from my iPhone. I’ve tested the mobile web-version of Buzz. It seems that I can only post text and am unable to upload photos or videos. I can do that with Facebook and Twitter where I’m already connected with my friends. So why do I need to bother with Buzz?

Would Google Buzz be able to take on Facebook? Who knows? I’m don’t have a DMC-12 with a flux capacitor. But somehow, Buzz seems to remind me of Orkut. 😛

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