What’s on your iPhone home screen?

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The iPhone have quite limited ways to quickly access your favourite apps. There’s basically just the 4 slots on the dock at the bottom as well as the home screen that you can quickly scroll back to by pressing the home button.

To be honest, although I’d like a lot more buttons available on the iPhone, I too am not sure if that is actually a good idea. More buttons would in some ways make things a little more productive as I can assign many tasks and actions to those buttons. However, that would just clutter the phone itself and I too am already getting used to the single home button on the phone (apart from the volume control, on/off button, and the silent switch).

So with that ‘limitation’ in place, the best place then to put all your most used apps is the home screen itself!

Here’s what I have in mine. It does tell you what I do most of the time, no? 🙂

1. Calendar – For obvious reasons, it’s there because it’s the only updateable icon that would be able to immediately show me the current date.

2. Photo – I like a quick access to my photo library, especially for those times when I’m out with family or friends and a photo sharing session ensues. And yes, I sync most of my photo albums to my phone.

3. Gorilla Cam – I’m cheap. This is primarily here because it’s one of the better free camera replacement app. When I’m not too cheap, Camera Genuis would probably replace it on this slot.

4. Facebook – Need I say more?

5. Twitbird Pro – My favourite Twitter client. While I try to tweet regularly, I do follow and check for new updates every couple of hours.

6. IM+ – I like to be always connected. IM+ allows me to be stay online on my various IM clients for as long as 72 hours, pushing me notifications when someone messages me. Now that’s staying connected.

7. WhatsApp – Another push-based messaging ala BlackBerry for iPhones. Great and cheap alternative to the regular SMS and MMS.

8. Gowalla – This is a fun location-enabled app that allows you to “check-in” to spots you’re currently at. You gain items and stamps as rewards for your check-ins. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with friends and family members to see where their latest locations are.

9. Google Maps – It’s Google Maps!

10. Waze – Another fun GPS-enabled app. This one is purely for fun, allowing me to earn points munching bits of stuff like pacman. Great way to make mundane driving to work fun!

11. Evernote – Note taking with synchronization online, so I get to access my notes everywhere and anywhere. If only it integrates to Google Docs. 🙂

12. AppStore – Quick access to download new apps and get updates.

13. iPod – It’s a 32gb iPhone. It’s gotta be filled with music and of course iPod app would be on the home screen.

14. Midomi SoundHound – In my opinion, SoundHound is way better than Shazam. And it’s amazing how much I use this app to find out music titles playing in stores and radio.

15. iBear Money – By far one of the best finance tracking app there is out there in my opinion. Good to keep track where your moneys goes to and how it’s spent but discipline is highly required for effective money management.

16. Settings – The lack of ways to quickly switch Bluetooth on and off puts this on my home screen.

So, that’s my iPhone’s home screen. Feel free to let me know what you think of my app selections.

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  1. Leian says:

    We’ve got almost the same applications on our home pages, haha!

    My motivation/criteria for selection is based on what I need the quickest access to (like in the case of SoundHound/Midomi), rather than frequency of use (Gowalla is frequently used, but sits on my third page).

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