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20130128-162545.jpgIf you haven’t already noticed a new section called Photoblog here in this site, well, now you know!

I’ve given myself the challenge of posting at least one photo a day using only the iPhone. Editing is also done only on the iPhone. Call it an experiment on iPhoneography too.

There are some basic ground rules that I’m trying to follow:-

  • Minimum 1 photo upload a day – strive for a 3:1 ratio and pick the best of the day.
  • 1:1 framing preferred
  • Include only a title – NO description of the photo except

The idea is to basically challenge myself to focus on the subject, composition and emotional connection of the photo rather than relying on the technical aspects of the camera.

The experience thus far? It’s actually more challenging than you might think. It isn’t long before you run out of ideas on the subject to capture and you basically resist trying to take yet another shot of stairs, cars, trees, buildings, etc.. LOL. So you are forced to open your eyes and mind and really be aware of your surroundings, looking out for interesting subjects that you may not have noticed otherwise.

So do check out the Photoblog section once a day and comments and critiques are more than welcomed.

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