Parallels 8 is coming!

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If you’re not already aware, Parallels 8 is coming!

And you don’t have to wait till September the 4th to purchase your copy of Parallels Desktop for Mac to get the best experience of Windows… on the Mac of course! Seriously, though ironic, it’s true.

If you purchase your copy of Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac anytime after July 25th, you will be eligible for the Parallels Desktop for Mac Tech Guarantee 2012! Meaning you will be getting a free upgrade to Parallels Desktop 8 once it’s released! Awesome isn’t it? To find out more on the Tech Guarantee, just visit this link here.

Do keep a tab on my blog as I’ll be getting my hands on Parallels Desktop 8 and have a go at it ASAP to share an updated experience with it!

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