Moving my blog location YET again

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This time, it’s more of a system migration actually and perhaps even a move of my domain name too. I’m still considering that move as it would basically kill all the links out there to my current domain. So that will still be in consideration.  And to add the fact that I’ve current 4 domains makes it uneconomical to keep all of them!

Anyways, the main reason for this move is that I’ve re-discovered how powerful the latest WordPress is and to add the fact that WordPress has a iPhone client is just the game changer. Serendipity, although it’s still a great blog back-end, has not evolved much since.

So here’s to my old blog which will still be maintained, at least till I decide to switch domains too.

– Updated –

Scratch that notion of ‘thinking’ whether or not I’ll be moving my domain. My itchy fingers, curious mind and eager wallet searched for the availability of and for GoDaddy promotional codes. And I’m not sure if I should consider myself fortunate, or unfortunate, that the domain is indeed available as well as some pretty good promo codes being available. So… there you go. This blog is now running on This also means that I would be discontinuing my old domain name once it expires, so, till then, I’ll be slowly migrating over some of the more popular posts over to this site.

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