“The owner SID on per-user subscription doesn’t exist” error on DVD Maker

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  1. Bleend says:

    Unfortunately, if I try to publish the film with Movie Maker, the program don’t reconize the AC3 audio codec and there is no sound in the movie.

    There have to be a better way.

    Ah, of course Microsoft is not providing any kind of suppor at all.

    Thanks for the article.

  2. Ken Ng says:

    I had that same problem too once. And what I did was to convert it first to MP4 using http://www.any-video-converter.com/products/for_video_free/ using the MPEG4 Audio codec and then use that with the Windows Movie Maker. Worked for me.

  3. car dvd says:

    Thanks for the article.

  4. machinjo says:

    For older dx9 games CrossOver has better performance with much less stutter and comparable to Windows. Would be nice if you can test CrossOver vs Parallels with Fallout New Vegas.

  5. Ken Ng says:

    Hmm did you mean to comment to my article on playing games on Parallels 16 (https://www.atpeaz.com/can-you-really-play-windows-games-on-mac-with-parallels-desktop-16/)? It seems that the comment ended up in another article for some reason.

    Let me try that out when I’m free. I too suspect that it should be faster on CrossOver or Wine. But Wine generally has a lot of issues with compatibility across other games and seems to be very game/app specific. This is why I have always preferred it to be on a proper VM solution like Parallels or Bootcamp. If setting up Bootcamp to work with eGPU is a lot easier, I would have done that too.

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