Fix: Photos out of chronological order in albums for imports from camera and iPhone in MacOS

Ken Ng

Father. Technologist. Photographer. Blogger. Shares his thoughts on the everything technology that amuses him on a anytime he can while regularly abuses his Mac, iPhone and iPad.

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2 Responses

  1. nampaweb says:

    Hi Ken. Thank you for finding the cause and solution to this problem, and especially for sharing your solution so clearly. I had exactly this issue after my recent trip to the USA, where I took most photos with my Olympus camera, but also some with iPhones. After I returned home to Australia and imported photos from both kinds of cameras, they were out of order, of course. When I imported photos from each device, I had used keywords to identify the camera used for each photo, so it was easy to create a smart album to select the Olympus photos to correct their time zones. Thanks again for your efforts. Jeff Dickson

  2. Ken Ng says:

    You’re welcome! I’m just glad to help someone else who had the same problem as it’s the very reason why I continue to maintain my blog. 🙂

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