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Linksys WMP300N 1

Fix: Getting Linksys WMP300N to work on Ubuntu

This is a little old actually, but it looks like it’s still getting hits on my old blog, so here it is being migrated over to this new blog. The Linksys WMP300N is not...


Windows 7’s ‘God-Mode’. As useful as IDDQD?

I recently stumbled across a link to enable an easter egg on Windows 7, interestingly called “God Mode”. You can read more about it here but essentially it’s just a special folder that contains...

Fix: Getting Chrome to work on WinXP SP3 0

Fix: Getting Chrome to work on WinXP SP3

Pretty much everyone harping about Google’s Chrome these days. I know. I’m one of them too. Which is also why it’s so frustrating when I couldn’t get Chrome to work on my work notebook...