5 (FREE!) steps to turbo-boost your WordPress blog by 10x

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  1. Steven F. says:

    Thank You! This was really helpful.

  2. Hi there.

    I run WP with iThemes security and W3 Total Cache and I am concerned by the additional steps that need to be taken change DNS and to whitelist the CloudFlare proxy addresses , having to add wp-admin to the exception list, chnages to .htaccess files etc described on their support site:



    My ISP runs on Lightspeed servers and are very fast anyway – so although the other steps you have recommended are great – I think I am going to stay away from CloudFlare for now.

    NOTE: after enabling Photon my site actually got a worse result in GTMetrix speed tester

  3. VOiDProXy says:

    Thanks, I actually did a Google search whether I still needed photon on when using CloudFlare or not, I’m going to go ahead and run my site with both.

    In my experience however, my host does not agree with W3TC, nothing will work right and it actually slows my site down more. QuickCache works way better along with BWP-Minify, the only Minify that didn’t break my site.

  4. insingaporetoday says:

    Wanna check. If I enable cloudflare within W3TC, do I still have to point my nameserver to cloudflare as in your item 2? Thx.

  5. Ken Ng says:

    Yes you do. Otherwise your domain will not be cached via CloudFlare’s CDN as it’s directed directly to your server.

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