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Apple Messages Chat Window 0

Messages for OS X is pretty cool indeed!

In the recent Mountain Lion preview announcement, we are starting to see quite a bit of convergence of iOS apps being introduced into Mac OS X. There’s a whole lot of iCloud enhanced apps like Calendar, Reminder, Notes, etc. If you are familiar with the iPad, there’s nothing really new here, except that it’s going to be available soon! But there’s also a gem that was released on the same announcement, and that’s the Messages app which is available now as a beta app.

Reason #1 of 862.2 why I love my iPhone 1

Reason #1 of 862.2 why I love my iPhone

6 months ago, I would never have thought that the iPhone could change the way I engage my daily routine. Sure, the iPhone is cool and all. But it’s just yet another smartphone, right?...