Spigen Liquid Air iPhone 13 Pro case: A preview

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After pre-ordering the iPhone 13 Pro, the next thing to do is to look for a case. Spigen has always been my go to supplier for a case that reliable and a good value for money. The Spigen Liquid Air series has always been a favourite of mine. Thus, that is the one I immediately when and look out for. It turns out that the Spigen Liquid Air iPhone 13 Pro case was already available and is also the cheapest on Amazon.com. So I ordered it on Friday, and received it 2 days later!

A preview of the Spigen Liquid Air for iPhone 13 pro

This is really only a preview since there’s no iPhone 13 Pro to be testing it with just as yet.

The packaging

As usual, it comes in a simple no-frills cardboard box. This is always true if you have bought any of Spigen’s cases for pre-released iPhones. It will come in a simple box with a sticker on the box. In fact, it won’t even have the name of the iPhone since this is likely manufactured and delivered before the Apple event where the name is confirmed.

Spigen Liquid Air iPhone 13 Pro - box

The Spigen Liquid Air iPhone 13 Pro case itself is packaged inside a simple plastic bag.

Spigen Liquid Air iPhone 13 Pro - unboxed

The Spigen Liquid Air case

The design of the case is what you would expect of the Liquid Air series. It stays true to the timeless pattern for the back of the case. The one thing that struck me was the size of the cutout for the camera. As I don’t really (yet) intend to use any MagSafe accessories, I opted for this case which, as you can clearly see, does not have the necessary magnets to make it MagSafe compatible. Spigen does have other options like the Mag Armor that is MagSafe compatible.

Spigen Liquid Air case for iPhone 13 Pro

The case uses the same tried and proven Air Cushion Technology for the drop protection. It has indeed saved my iPhones from any damage due to careless drops of the phone.

Spigen Liquid Air iPhone 13 Pro - Air Cushion Technology

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The case’s camera cutout

As the size of the iPhone’s camera module have increased significantly since the iPhone X and 11, you would have noticed that there the Spigen Liquid Air case no longer lay flat when put down at its back. This is especially so with the iPhone 13 Pro.

Spigen Liquid Air iPhone 13 Pro - raised camera border

The border around the camera cutout is raised significantly this time, likely to accommodate the larger camera bump. You can easily imagine how thick the case would be if it was to be flat with the camera bump. The side close-up view of the case would give you an idea how it would look like.

Spigen Liquid Air iPhone 13 Pro - side view

A well-fitting case? We shall know soon!

Spigen has always gotten the fit reliably for newly release iPhones. I hope this time it remains true with the iPhone 13 Pro. I will be updating this post once I get my iPhone 13 Pro this when it gets released on the 24 Sept. As for now, backup your iPhone and get ready for the iOS 15 update coming 20th Sept and if you have pre-ordered the iPhone 13 Pro, get a case from Spigen as well in preparation for your new iPhone! The Spigen Liquid Air iPhone 13 Pro should be a good one to bet on for a good fit. πŸ˜„

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