Make Your Own DIY Apple AirTag Keychain Holder

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I decided to try and make my own DIY Apple AirTag keychain holder because my customised Apple AirTags was delivered 2 weeks ahead of its initial shipping date. I’ve ordered some cheap 3rd party AirTags holders but I wasn’t expecting the AirTags to be shipped this much earlier.

Wondering how it would look like? Read on and find out!

The materials you will need for this project

The following are what I used to make the AirTag keychain holder

  1. Felt fabric, like this one that you can get from Amazon.
    felt fabric
  2. Fabric scissors.
  3. Needle and thread.
  4. A keychain loop. I just repurpose one from another unused keychain.
  5. A rivet kit, like this one that is available on Amazon.
    Rivet kit
  6. Some stock card or cardboard from a cereal box to make the template.
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Making the Keychain Holder

Firstly, create a template using the cardboard. You can design it however you like it to look. I made one that is in the shape of an teardrop. You can see how it looks like in the photo below.

DIY Apple AirTag Keychain holder template

Using a compass, I drew the larger 2cm radius circle that would house the Apple AirTag. I then cut out a 1cm radius circle to show off the engraving and the Apple logo at the back. But as I completed the project, I feel a smaller cut out would have been better. The felt I used is soft enough that the AirTag can be pushed out through the cut out.

After drawing out the circles, just draw out the top part into a teardrop shape. But you can really design it any way you like. Once done, cut out the template.

The template to use to cut the felt

This is what you would use to cut two pieces of the felt fabric. When you have the two pieces of the fabric cut, you will just need to stitch them together. I experimented a little on the fly and found that a reserve stitch works quite well with this simple project. If you have better stitching skills than yours truly, I’m sure you know how to make this look a lot better than what I’ve done. 😄

On the stitching, I actually started and ended the stitching a little too high, making it a little hard to push in the AirTag into the keychain holder. But since the felt is a little stretchable, I can still manage to push it in.

After stitching the felt together, use the rivet kit and get the two top sides of the holder riveted. And that’s all it takes to make your own DIY Apple AirTag keychain holder.

An Apple AirTag inside a DIY keychain holder made from felt
Back side of an DIY Apple AirTag keychain holder made from felt

The whole project took me about an hour to complete. Give it a try yourself! It’s actually quite fun to make your own AirTag holder. If you already have the materials at home, it would cost you almost nothing to make this little project. Even if you have to buy the materials, you would have a lot of spare for future projects, so none will really be wasted anyway.

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