Send Amazon Associates payment to Wise and receive it as cash!

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It is really easy to set up your Amazon Associates payment to Wise. I’ve done this to get payments from my Amazon Associates US and UK accounts directly to me Singapore-based Wise account. This way you no longer need to only receive it as Amazon Credits for the specific country of the Amazon Associates program.

If you are not aware, Wise allows you to send money internationally at very low fees. It is almost always the cheapest and fastest way to do so.

amazon associates payment to wise

Step by step to set up Amazon Associates payment to Wise

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 5 minutes

This is very simple to set up. You can do this both on the mobile and web app of Wise. But I recommend do just this on the your desktop as the Amazon Associates’s account settings page is designed for the desktop. Wise does not charge any fees to open a new currency balance too.

  1. Set up a new currency balance on Wise.

    This step is quite self explanatory. Open up a new balance by clicking on the Open a balance option after you log in to your Wise account.

    open a new balance on wise

  2. Search for the GBP and/or USD currency and add it.

    Wise supports a wide range of currencies. You can find USD and GBP currencies on Wise. Add them.

    Search and add a new currency balance on Wise

  3. Get the account details for the new balances.

    In the new currency balances, you can find the account details that you would need to set up your payment methods at the Amazon Associates account. For the UK payments, go to the “Outside the UK” tab to get the BIC and IBAN code you will need.

    Wise GBP account details for Amazon Associates payments

  4. Go to the Change Payment settings on your Amazon Associates account.

    This is self explanatory.

    Change Payment settings on your Amazon Associates account.

  5. Set up Amazon Associates Payment to Wise

    Here’s an example for the UK Amazon Associates payment to Wise. The US account is also very similar. Note that the Bank name is still using Wise’s old name TransferWise.

    Set up amazon associates payment to Wise

  6. Wait and receive your payments!

    That’s all. The next time Amazon Associates pays out your earnings, it will come to your Wise account directly! You can then convert it to your own local currency whenever you want.

    Transfered to Wise!

  • Just your browser and time! 😄

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