Getting Access Violation exception for bass.dll on CrossOver 21? Here’s the fix.

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It seems that with CrossOver 21, some of the PopCap classics are getting the the Access Violation exception for the bass.dll module.

Access Violation exception for the bass.dll module

Not all of PopCap’s games are affected. However, one of them which had been running well on CrossOver 20 but has now failed with the “Access Violation (code 0xc0000005)” exception for the bass.dll module is Zuma’s Revenge!

Fixing the Access Violation Exception for bass.dll

A quick search online reveals that bass.dll is an audio library, one that’s used by the game. When I check the other PopCap games such as Peggle, I can see bass.dll is also used. But for some reason, this access violation exception only happens with Zuma’s Revenge. Yes. It’s strange indeed. And since it used to work on CrossOver 20, I’m pretty sure there should be a way to get this working again.

And after some Google-fu, I came across this post at WineHQ’s for another PopCap game, Bookworm Adventures. And there is a tip which suggested to disable the dsdmo.dll on the Wine bottle. dsdmo.dll, as it turns out, is the DirectShow DirectX Media Object (DMO) which has to also to do with processing audio medias. So its plausible that the dsdmo.dll library is causing some conflicts.

Disabling dsdmo.dll on CrossOver 21

To disable dsdmo.dll on CrossOver 21, go to the Wine configuration. Go to the Library tab and search for dsdmo. You should be able to find it as per the screenshot below. Click on Add.

Override dsdmo.dll on CrossOver 21

After clicking add, you will see dsdmo added to the list of overrides. Click on Edit… and select Disabled.

Disable dsdmo on CrossOver 21 to fix the Access Violation exception for bass.dll

Click OK. Now, you should see it shown as dsdmo (disabled).

dsdmo.dll disabled in CrossOver 21

That’s it! With that, you can now play games like Zuma’s Revenge! on your Mac again.

Zuma’s Revenge… actually running on my MacBook Pro

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