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Updating your iPad to iOS 4.2 now, GM2 that is

Can’t wait for the official release of iOS 4.2 for the iPad? Well, if you are daring enough to take the risk of installing non-official firmwares, then you can get it today! I’m sure...


RockMelt’s take on Web 2.0, browser-style

So there’s this new web browser that’s making a buzz in the Internet. With a US$10 million investment pumped into RockMelt, one would most definitely take notice. But why do you need yet another...

Fix: Parallels iPhone Service won’t start 0

Fix: Parallels iPhone Service won’t start

Here’s a quick tip to fix for those of you Mac users who are using Parallels 5 as the virtualization solution. Support came back to me with the following steps to fix the problem....