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Setting up a PPTP VPN on OpenVZ VPS (Tested with RamNode VPS)

Here’s another great use of having your own VPS, run a VPN server to tunnel your Internet connectivity! There are many reasons why you’d want to run a VPN server and I’m not going to delve into that here. But once you’ve decided to run on, this is the guide for you.

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A 15 minute guide to migrating your WordPress blog to a new host

Planning to migrate your self-hosted Wordpress site to a new host? Here’s a quick 15 minutes guide how you can do it with ease. The guide is complete and verified by yours truly since I myself has just recently gone through the exact same steps when I migrated my site to a new host at RamNode.

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Turbo-boost your Chrome browser (Rockmelt too!)

If you’re using Google Chrome or any other browser that’s based of the Chromium project, such as Rockmelt, here’s a neat trick to add some more speed to the already zippy browser.

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How to get your own email domain name with Gmail

Ever wanted to get your own domain name for your email address? What if I say that’s really a simple process and you can get the email service in no time! Yes, you just need to register your domain name for a nominal fee of less than US$10 per year and thanks to Google Apps, you can get all this done within a single day!

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The Ultimate Shopping Guide for the iPad or Netbook!

So you think you need a new device in addition to your collection of 7321902208367┬ádevices you currently own. And the in thing today seems like an in between device, something that’s not quite as...