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Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Parallels Desktop 7

Wondering what all the fuss on Windows 8 is all about, but only have a Mac in your hands? Don’t worry, just get the latest update of Parallels 7 and you can quickly run Windows 8 Consumer Preview in a few easy steps!

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3+1 Reasons why Parallels 7 wins VS VMWare Fusion!

Just got that nice MacBook Air with the roaring Lion, then figured out that you need to run some Windows apps still? Fret not, here’s how you can do just that and between the usual choice of Parallels vs VMWare, why I’d recommend you to put your money on Parallels instead.

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Windows Phone 7 Series: Now that’s exciting!

I’d say this. The recent¬†announcement of The Windows Phone 7 Series is what I’ve been waiting for a long time. This is how the smartphone’s OS should have been evolved to. It’s nice and...