Briefly: 1Password on 50% sale & how to move your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch backups to an external drive

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Here are two quick updates which I thought I should share to anyone who follows my blog.

1Password is on sale!

In celebration of the MacWorld convention happening today (or yesterday depending on your timezone.) Anyone who’s talked to me about password management would have heard me recommending 1Password. It’s really one of the best and easiest app to use to manage all your passwords. There’s never been a time where you really need to manage your passwords well. Today, having a single strong password repeatedly used in all your online login accounts are no longer the best practice. Instead, it’s advised that you do not repeat your passwords, and each one of them using a strong password, and that often means including numbers and symbols into your password and having at least 12 characters. Yeah. Sounds daunting right? That’s where 1Password comes in.

Good thing 1Password is on sale today at 50% off the regular price!

1Password for Mac – $49.99 $24.99
1Password for iOS (Universal)$17.99 $8.99

Moving your iDevice backups to an external drive

This tip is especially for you guys who are using the 128GB MacBook Air. Yup. 128GB is often insufficient after a short while of use, especially when your realised that your iPhoto library has grown quite a bit. And obviously you’d want to start moving files/folders that are not often accessed onto an external drive. And one easy target for that is your iDevices’ backups. Yup. If you sync your iDevices like the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Those backups can use up quite a lot of storage especially if you have those 64GB devices.

So here’s a nice tip I found online (link) on how you can do exactly that, move the backup location to an external drive. It involves a little use of the Terminal to create a symbolic link but don’t worry too much about it, the instructions on the guide linked is easy to follow.

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